Using the PAR Algebra 2 year plan

The basic PAR Algebra programme covers what is usually done by schools over 2 years. We have recently changed the Details shown at the end of the menu to display a First Year sequence of lessons, as often followed by schools. After the First Year programme the Second Year is also displayed.

Version 15 is here

We recently released Version 15 with a major new feature of auto-updating.

Those who already use V14 cannot just update to get Version 15. A new V15 licence is needed to enable Version 15 to operate. PAR users are welcome to upgrade to V15 any time they wish; it is not necessary to wait until a renewal time for a current licence.

Once Version 15 is installed it should be possible for all future renewals, upgrades & updates to be arranged remotely through our database and with no manual installations required, apart from those for new computers.

More New Resources

Tuition Centres using PAR resources will be pleased to know that we have recently added new lessons to Problems 2A, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
Problems 2A, 2 and 3 are available as PDFs only until we do another update of the software.
Problems 4 and 5 were included in the most recent software update.

A while back Problems 6 was extended to 15 lessons to bring it in line with Problems 7 and 8 which were written with 15.

Also new is lesson 13B in Geometry – Using Pythagoras in 3-D situations.

New Resources Added to PAR Software

We have just added a considerable amount of new material to the PAR software.
It is all available in PDF form also.

Listed under Statistics:
Reading Graphs
Reading Tables
Reading Timetables

Listed in Measurement:
Measuring Length
Reading scales
Measurement C-6D + E (added lessons on volume)

Listed under Reasoning:
Verbal Reasoning – new lessons:
13B 13C 13D (Hidden word)
26 (Sense Connections)
27, 28 (3 Missing letters)
29, 30 (Compound words)

Listed under Problems:
Problems 8 (15 new lessons)
Problems 6 new lessons: 10–15
Problems 7 new lessons: 11–15

Listed under Secondary Topics:
Number Sequences (linear & quadratic)

Listed under Early Reading:
Comprehension for More Sounds (Requires a PDF to print stories from)

Version 14 is here

Version 14 has arrived. As soon as you turn it on you should see that it has a few new additions; right from the first menu.

To see what we’ve added for you to use in V14 – click on Features and then What’s New?

To see what’s showing on the first menu on the first screen – you’ll have to get Version 14.

Tables Workout – jump to Level 4

We have done an update and one thing that is included is the ability to press F5 to get taken straight to Level 4 on Tables Workout.
Select which table you want first then press F5 and it will start when you press Enter.

To get this, you’ll need to do an update. Just use the Start menu update – no licence code required.

PAR software Version 13 is all go

PAR software Version 13 is now officially available.

Some new content:
Early Reading – UK curriculum based
Graphs – Secondary: y = mx + c; parabolas
Secondary Measurement: area, volume, surface area of various shapes
Shape & Space – precedes existing Secondary level Geometry
Algebra Revision Prep – a gradual intro to Algebra Revision
Maths for Science – Chemistry Calculations
Quiz – a range of options available now

Version 13

We are trying out a Beta version of PAR software Version 13 with students at a number of centres in the UK and New Zealand. Our new Early Reading programme (which contains loads of phonics work good for higher levels too) is available as a licence option in V13. Centres relicensing are using our Beta version until we officially roll out V13 very soon.

Version 12 is here

One of the long awaited PAR features has finally materialised. In the PAR software you will see a Link button up alongside Terms.

When a tutor thinks it might be helpful for a student to do further questions that are similar in nature to those encountered, they can click on the Link button to access additional questions or even whole lessons. By selecting one of the options given they will be taken directly to the new questions. The related questions or lesson may be exited at any time by pressing ESCape. You are immediately returned to where you left your former lesson.

We are still in the process of cross-referencing questions so that tutors can select more examples of the same kind for students to practice.

We plan to extend this feature to everything in the PAR Revision series. e.g. Algebra Revision, Decimals Revision, Fractions Revision etc.

. . . And how could I forget . . . after everything that’s been going on lately . . . PAR English has arrived in Version 12 too.