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About PAR

We aim to update, add to and improve every version we produce. i.e. We’ll keep improving the software and its presentation but try to leave the content in sync with what we’ve already published, as much as we can. We aim to provide additional resources as part of an annual re-licensing update for our users.
(more in “What’s new and in the pipeline”.)

A time came when we had to make a move into using computer software to make our roles as tutors more manageable – marking from books takes so much time. It was an opportunity to provide features in the software that we were sure would prove to be so helpful. Features that allow for student independence but also allow tutors to see how the student is doing. There are also Help files in lessons that deal with a particular theme or concept.
(more details in “Why tutors like it”.)

PAR resources are currently being used by a steadily growing number of tutors in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.
Many are using PAR as their principal Maths and English programmes. We also offer a UK curriculum-based Phonics programme that we call Early Reading.

About us

Phil began writing worksheets for students before he began teaching in 1973. Since then he’s never really stopped writing. He is currently tutoring students of Year 8 to Year 11 in 4 classes each week outside of school hours. December 2016 is the completion of 16 years of tutoring at On Track Learning in Invercargill, NZ, where he often subjected students to trial versions of the PAR computer software throughout the year. Phil is pretty sure no humans were hurt in the production of this software!!

Karl, who is Phil’s son, wrote the first version of the PAR computer software programme during 2009 after he had built his own computer from components he collected or bought. He was 16 then. Karl has been home-schooled but sat NCEA Level 3 exams in 2010. He gained an "Outstanding" scholarship in physics and was awarded the NZ Correspondence School Year 13 prize for Statistics. In 2011 he gained the National Certificate in Computing Level 4. He currently runs his own small computer based business from home; spending many hours on developing PAR.

Elaine, Phil's wife, was a teacher who taught the youngest children at school. She had a reputation in the 70s for having children reading within 3 months of starting school. Elaine has been part of the PAR team and recently has been involved in producing the PAR Early Reading phonics programme. She is still writing comprehension lessons to supplement what we have at present.

Joyanne, Phil & Elaine's daughter, has created all the graphics used in the Early Reading programme. Some of these also appear in other areas of the PAR resources.

Our UK Connection

Cromer Mill around 1900

Cromer Mill, Hertfordshire, England, belonged to Phil’s great-grandparents when this photo was taken somewhere around 1900. The name Scowen (rhymes with "Owen") is visible on the cart in the original photo.

Cromer Mill has been restored and can be seen today looking very much the same as in this photo.