PARadise Academy 

Why tutors like it?

What folk are saying:

Just to let you know my staff are loving PAR!   - G, U.K.

Thanks again....your 'details' section at 'the end of each programme section is a godsend too! So easy to find what you're looking for!   - G, U.K.

Programme is working extremely well and the children and tutors are enjoying it. The students like the idea of the "wow", "hot", etc. comments in the programme!

I’m getting great use out of your [software] and love the green and red band across the top. It’s a great way to keep your finger on the pulse and I’ve found several students who are keen to repeat to see if they can gain all green. Well done!

Well I've got it all installed and put my first student on it this week. He loved it, and thought the little messages coming up were quite cool.

I must say how impressed I am with it so far! It's very simple to install, and complements the [present] program well. . . I will progressively put more students on it over the coming weeks.

Keep up the excellent work and stay in touch with me regarding new developments. I'll definitely be spreading the word!

“I wish you could bring this to our school and teach them about decimals.”    10 year old student.