Monthly Archives: January 2015

Version 12 is here

One of the long awaited PAR features has finally materialised. In the PAR software you will see a Link button up alongside Terms.

When a tutor thinks it might be helpful for a student to do further questions that are similar in nature to those encountered, they can click on the Link button to access additional questions or even whole lessons. By selecting one of the options given they will be taken directly to the new questions. The related questions or lesson may be exited at any time by pressing ESCape. You are immediately returned to where you left your former lesson.

We are still in the process of cross-referencing questions so that tutors can select more examples of the same kind for students to practice.

We plan to extend this feature to everything in the PAR Revision series. e.g. Algebra Revision, Decimals Revision, Fractions Revision etc.

. . . And how could I forget . . . after everything that’s been going on lately . . . PAR English has arrived in Version 12 too.