New Resources Added to PAR Software

We have just added a considerable amount of new material to the PAR software.
It is all available in PDF form also.

Listed under Statistics:
Reading Graphs
Reading Tables
Reading Timetables

Listed in Measurement:
Measuring Length
Reading scales
Measurement C-6D + E (added lessons on volume)

Listed under Reasoning:
Verbal Reasoning – new lessons:
13B 13C 13D (Hidden word)
26 (Sense Connections)
27, 28 (3 Missing letters)
29, 30 (Compound words)

Listed under Problems:
Problems 8 (15 new lessons)
Problems 6 new lessons: 10–15
Problems 7 new lessons: 11–15

Listed under Secondary Topics:
Number Sequences (linear & quadratic)

Listed under Early Reading:
Comprehension for More Sounds (Requires a PDF to print stories from)